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Spotlight on small business: Choosey Chicks

Sometimes it pays to be choosey.

In the case of Choosey Chicks, a new apparel company, it did.  The founders of this company were choosey themselves, by focusing on making t-shirts, belts and other apparel that make a difference in womens lives.

Choosey Chicks apparel follows the mantra: "The power of positive choice lies within your heart."  Each t-shirt has empowering "choice" statements on it such as  Choose Love, Choose Peace, and Choose 2 B Green.

The Choosey Chicks have made choices in their own work that have helped their t-shirts gain popularity (their apparel is now carried in boutiques around the nation).  Here are some of the business "choices" the Choosey Chicks made that helped make their apparel line successful:

Choice #1: Be patient
Choosey Chicks work with many different types of boutiques, and as the company grows, so does their desire to add more lines. But theyve learned that patience is key.  It is important to take the time to weigh the costs and benefits of your business model from materials to hiring to funding.

Choice #2: Exude passion
When asked for advice on their grassroots success, Jessie Harrison, one of the company's founders, claims that passion is a key to success. Be passionate about selling your product.  Your excitement is contagious," she said.

Choice #3: Practice persistence
Harrison notes that there will be bumps in the road to success but that when you feel like giving up, dont.  She also suggests that you should enlist your friends and family to help - and pay them with your samples! 

Choice #4: Follow your heart
Company founders Sara Cook, Jessie Harrison and Pamela Goldberg wanted to promote positive choices.  Sure, it sometimes pays to take the easy way out, or to compromise your vision a bit, but these "chicks" followed their hearts when they built the company and its products.  Every t-shirt they make follows the mission of promoting positive choices. 

These are all important lessons, but it seems the main lesson from the Choosey Chicks is this: Choose to be "choosey."   Your choices help define who you are - as a business and as a person.

As Harrison put it, "even the smallest choices can have great meaning in life."

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Spotlight on small business: Choosey Chicks