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Grants from US Dept of Home and Communities

The Office of Departmental Grants Management and Oversight (ODGMO),is responsible for strengthening internal controls and enhancing management integrity across HUDís programs; improving management efficiencies by streamlining grants processes and procedures not only within HUD but across all Federal programs in conjunction with the other 26 Federal grant-making agencies; facilitating the move to e-Government; and increasing transparency for results achieved in HUDís competitive grant programs.

The ODGMO is responsible for developing the General Section to HUDís annual Notices of Funding Availability (NOFA); ensuring consistency of HUDís NOFAs with HUDís strategic goals and policies, developing performance eLogic models for each competitive program; and working with the 26 other federal grant making agencies to simplify and streamline grants management practices across the Federal government consistent with the intent of Public Law 106-107, the Federal Financial Assistance Management Improvement Act of 1999 and the more recent Federal Financial Assistance Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006.

ODGMO works closely with program offices in reviewing and analyzing results achieved in HUDís programs with the goal of increasing the effectiveness of HUDís program delivery and accountability without placing undue burden on the grantee community.

 - Public Law 106-107

Federal Register notice published 8/12/2002 -- Implementation of Public Law 106-107


To provide oversight and policy responsibility for all of HUDís grant programs; ensure that HUD program offices are fully aware of and comply to federal statutes, regulations (including OMB Circulars,and Executive Orders that govern the management of grant programs;establish processes to ensure the timely obligation of funds and reporting on results achieved; and, fulfill the requirements of public laws aimed at streamlining Federal grants across the agencies.


 - Implement Public Law 106-107
 - Continue grant program improvements
 - Streamline grant submissions and reporting requirements
 - Create a central point of contact
 - Provide grant management training
 - Improve quality of grant-related documentation
 - Manage SuperNOFA process
 - Lead A-11 grant reform efforts

Single Audit Pamphlet
Web links to HUDís grant programs

 - E-Grants
President's Management Agenda (.pdf)
OMB's E-Government Strategy (.pdf)


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Grants from US Dept of Home and Communities