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  • Tax Questions and Answers
    Frequently asked questions that the IRS answers for taxpayers.
  • Federal Tax Help
    Protect Yourself from and Report Suspicious E-Mails or Phishing Schemes.
    Phishing, as it is called, is the act of sending an e-mail to a user falsely claiming to be an established legitimate enterprise in an attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft.

    Help Using the IRS.gov Web Site
    If you need help finding something, understanding our different file formats, printing files you've downloaded, installing or using the tax products CD-ROM, or any similar technical problem, here is the place to seek assistance.

    How to Contact the IRS
    The IRS is a big organization. To serve you best, we have established several contact points, tailored to serve specific purposes.

    Help With Tax Questions
    If you've looked around our site and still didn't find the answer to your general tax question, we'd like to help.

    Help Finding a Specific Form or Publication
    Don't know the exact title or number of the Form or Publication you need? Here's the place to locate it by topic.

    Order Forms and Publications
    Find out how to order forms and publications here!

    Help Available From the Taxpayer Advocate Service
    If you have an ongoing issue with the IRS that has not been resolved through normal processes, or you have suffered, or are about to suffer a significant hardship/economic burden as a result of the administration of the tax laws, the Taxpayer Advocate Service is here to help.

    How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity?
    If you have information about an individual or company you suspect is not complying with the tax law, report this activity.

    IRS.gov Web Policies and Important Links
    IRS.gov web policies and other important information.

    Send Us A Comment About the Web Site
    This is NOT the place for tax law questions or questions regarding your specific tax return, but you can give us some constructive feedback regarding the web site if you like. Give us your email address if you want a response, but don't include any social security numbers or other personal tax account information.

    Adobe Reader
    Obtain the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe web site for viewing .pdf documents.

    Microsoft Excel Viewer
    Obtain the latest version of the Microsoft Excel viewer from the Microsoft web site for viewing Excel files.

    Microsoft Word Viewer
    Obtain the most recent version of the Microsoft Word viewer from the Microsoft web site.

    PowerPoint Viewer
    Obtain the latest Microsoft PowerPoint viewer from the Microsoft web site for viewing PowerPoint documents

Workshops and Programs

The U.S. Internal Revenue Services offers online and in-person training and workshops to helps small business owners understand their tax obligations.

For workshops and training opportunities regarding state taxes, visit the State Tax Guide.

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