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Mike Moore

Mike Moore
Mike Moore
Mike Moore is a person living in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.
- Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
- Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Canada IncClick To Reveal
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Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Canada Inc. According to our records, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Canada Inc is located in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. It specializes in Automobile Renting Commercial.Click To Reveal
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Branch Manager
Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
Phone number not available
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About Mike Moore Company

About Mike Moore Company
  1. Automobile Renting Commercial in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

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Name: Mike Moore
Link: http://www.salespider.com/bp-54537096/mike-moore
Location: Owen Sound,Ontario,Canada

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Owen Sound, Ontario Trivia

Owen Sound, Ontario Trivia

Sample list of famous people who were born in Owen Sound:

  • Ryan DeBoer ( Actor )
  • Joan Barfoot ( Writer and Novelist )
  • Elizabeth Hay ( Writer, Novelist and Author )
  • Jessica Cameron ( Actor )
  • Cheryl Hickey ( Actor )
  • Dean Armstrong ( Actor and Acting Coach )
  • Billy Bishop ( Soldier, Flying ace and Actor )
  • Cody Bass ( Ice hockey player )
  • Matthew McCauley
  • Curtis Sanford
  • Les Binkley
  • Chris Minard
  • Hap Day ( Coach )
  • Jock McKeen ( Physician, Psychologist, Author, Acupuncture and Teacher )
  • Charles Edward Bothwell ( Barrister )
  • Gordon Henry
  • Matthew Robert Duncan
  • Red Armstrong
  • Henry Horton Miller
  • Pat McReavy
  • Wesley Ashton Gordon
  • Mike Minard
  • Don McKay ( Poet, Essayist, Editor and Educator )
  • Harry Lumley ( Ice hockey player )
  • Gerry Reid
  • William S. McKinnon
  • Steve McLaren
  • Shelagh Armstrong
  • William Johnston
  • William Herbert Price
  • Jessica Shepley
  • Benny Grant
  • Barry Brown
  • Reginald George Malcolm
  • Robert Rosehart
  • Heather Hiscox ( Newscaster )
  • Harry Orlinsky
  • Jason Silverthorn
  • Butch Keeling ( Ice hockey player )
  • Paul Griffin ( Animator, Visual Effects Artist, Television producer and Television Director )
  • Robert Yates ( Editor and Film Director )
  • Elizabeth Laird
  • Larisa Yurkiw ( Alpine skier and Athlete )
  • Alvin Jones
  • Ted Graham
  • Adam Jones ( Lacrosse Player )

List of airports near Owen Sound:

  • Owen Sound Billy Bishop Regional Airport

Sample list of tourist attractions in Owen Sound:

  • Grey Roots Museum and Archives
  • Festival of Northern Lights
  • Sydenham River
  • Billy Bishop Home and Museum
  • Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival
  • Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre
  • Inglis Falls
  • Bruce Trail
  • Beth Ezekiel Synagogue
  • Weavers' Creek Falls

Owen Sound's geo-coordinates are 44.5667° N, 80.9333° W.

Population of Owen Sound was 21,753.

Guess This Famous Person

Guess This Famous Person

Famous People Click To Reveal

_______ (February 8, 1916 - January 9, 1992) was a professional American football end who played five seasons in the National Football League (NFL) and _______ grew up in Oklahoma and attended the University of Oklahoma, where he was part of a 1938 football team that won the school's first Big Six Conference championship. He was drafted by the NFL's Cardinals in 1940 and played in Chicago for three seasons before leaving to serve in World War II. He signed with the Cleveland Browns in the AAFC after his discharge from the military and played one season for the team, moving to the Buffalo Bills in 1947. After leaving football, _______ settled in Oklahoma and worked in lumber and banking. He died in 1992.

_______ played for the Buffalo Bills in 1947, his last year in professional football.

_______ lived in Pilot Point.

_______ studied in "University of Oklahoma".

_______'s birthday is on Feb 08, 1916.

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