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Tammy Peyton

Tammy Peyton
Tammy Peyton
Tammy Peyton is a person living in Medford, Oregon, United States.
- Medford, Oregon, United States
- TACO BELLClick To Reveal
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About Tammy Peyton

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TACO BELL. According to our records, TACO BELL is located in Medford, Oregon, United States. It specializes in Fast Foods.Click To Reveal
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Medford, Oregon, United States
Phone number not available
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About Tammy Peyton Company

About Tammy Peyton Company
  1. Fast Foods in Medford, Oregon, United States

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Name: Tammy Peyton
Link: http://www.salespider.com/bp-44232486/tammy-peyton
Location: Medford,Oregon,United States

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Medford, Oregon Trivia

Medford, Oregon Trivia

Sample list of newspapers published in Medford:

  • Medford Nickel
  • Mail Tribune

Medford is about 66.67 square kilometers with a population of 75,501 in the year 2011.

The lowest recorded temperature in Medford was −10 °F (−23 °C) on December 13, 1919, and the highest recorded temperature was 115 °F (46 °C) on July 20, 1946.

The unemployment rate of Medford was 6.72% in the year 2008.

Sample list of famous people who were born in Medford:

  • Matt McAbee ( Actor )
  • Jeff Bates ( Actor )
  • D. Scott Davis ( Businessperson )
  • Michael Stever ( Actor, Film Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Film Editor and Film Producer )
  • Keith Swift ( Actor )
  • William Cottrell ( Actor )
  • Leonard Hicks ( Actor )
  • Kristin Michelle Duncil ( Actor )
  • Scott Thurston ( Songwriter, Keyboard Player, Guitarist, Session musician and Musician )
  • Charles Royer ( Politician )
  • Geno Romo ( Actor and Film Producer )
  • Con Schell ( Actor, Stunt Performer and Stunt Coordinator )
  • Lisa Rinna ( Talk show host, Actor, Businessperson and Model )
  • Jennifer Murphy ( Entrepreneur and Businessperson )
  • Teo Olivares ( Actor )
  • Jason James Richter ( Actor, Bassist and Guitarist )
  • David B. Frohnmayer ( Politician )
  • Jon Lindstrom ( Film Producer, Film Director, Screenwriter, Actor, Musician and Film Editor )
  • Vic Snyder ( Politician )
  • Dave Luetkenhoelter ( Bassist )
  • William Abercrombie
  • Kyle Singler ( Basketball player )
  • Robert G. Emmens
  • Devin Cole
  • John Gunderson
  • Mike Whitehead
  • Marshall Holman
  • Bob Newland
  • Patricia Pine
  • Mark Ryden
  • Jeff Barry ( Baseball player )
  • Steve Bechler ( Baseball player )
  • Les Gutches
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  • Kevin Towers
  • Mark Helfrich ( American Football coach )
  • Jonathan Stark
  • Kevin Carter ( Visual Effects Artist )
  • Paul Brainerd ( Programmer )
  • Ryan Sage ( Film Producer, Screenwriter, Film Editor and Film Director )
  • Jason Slowey ( American football player )
  • Summer Storm ( Pornographic actor )
  • Lionel Rolfe
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  • Chris Johns ( Photographer and Editor )
  • Helen M. Duncan
  • Jordan Ellis
  • Braden Shipley
  • Bryn Ritchie
  • Terence McCulley

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Tammy Peyton
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