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Yamil Tabraue

Yamil Tabraue
Yamil Tabraue
Yamil Tabraue is a person living in Miami, Florida, United States.
- Miami, Florida, United States
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TABRAUE JEWELRY GALLERY. According to our records, TABRAUE JEWELRY GALLERY is located in Miami, Florida, United States. It specializes in Jewelry Stores.Click To Reveal
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Miami, Florida, United States
Phone number not available
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About Yamil Tabraue Company

About Yamil Tabraue Company
  1. Jewelry Stores in Miami, Florida, United States

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Name: Yamil Tabraue
Link: http://www.salespider.com/bp-44199416/yamil-tabraue
Location: Miami,Florida,United States

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Miami, Florida Trivia

Miami, Florida Trivia

Miami is also a major fashion center, home to models and some of the top modeling agencies in the world.

The Port of Miami is the world's busiest cruise port, and MIA is the busiest airport in Florida, and the largest gateway between the United States and Latin America.

Miami's official website is http://www.ci.miami.fl.us/

Sample list of famous people who were born in Miami:

  • Kathy Castor ( Lawyer and Politician )
  • Kendrick Meek ( Politician and Police officer )
  • E. Clay Shaw, Jr. ( Politician and Lawyer )
  • Natalie Martinez ( Actor and Model )
  • Diora Baird ( Model and Actor )
  • Eva Mendes ( Actor, Model, Singer, Designer, Spokesperson and Businessperson )
  • Sidney Poitier ( Actor, Writer, Diplomat and Film Director )
  • Alexa Vega ( Actor and Singer )
  • Catherine Keener ( Actor and Film Producer )
  • William H. Macy ( Actor, Voice Actor, Film Producer, Theatre Director, Television Director, Film Director, Teacher, Writer and Screenwriter )
  • Perez Hilton ( Writer, Actor and TV Personality )
  • Bill Nelson ( Lawyer and Politician )
  • William B. Lenoir ( Engineer and Astronaut )
  • Winston E. Scott ( Pilot and Astronaut )
  • Priscilla Taylor ( Nude Glamour Model and Actor )
  • Steve Carlton ( Baseball player )
  • Elisa Bridges ( Nude Glamour Model and Pornographic actor )
  • Pamela Saunders ( Nude Glamour Model )
  • Christina Smith ( Nude Glamour Model )
  • Frank Gonzalez
  • Andre Berto
  • Dennis Regan ( Comedian )
  • Ed Roberts ( Physician )
  • Miguel Gonzalez
  • Eric Vasquez
  • Marcus Hudson ( American football player )
  • Willis McGahee ( American football player )
  • William Joseph ( American football player )
  • Doug Gabriel ( American football player )
  • Reggie Kinlaw ( American football player )
  • Elvis Dumervil ( American football player )
  • Brian Griese ( American football player )
  • Kevin Carter ( American football player )
  • Roell Preston ( American football player )
  • Antonio Bryant ( American football player )
  • Curry Burns ( American football player )
  • Chad Ochocinco ( American football player and Athlete )
  • Blue Adams ( American football player )
  • Roscoe Parrish ( American football player )
  • Cecil Sapp ( American football player )
  • Greg Lloyd, Sr. ( American football player )
  • Charlie Waters ( American football player )
  • Brett Perriman ( American football player )
  • Derrick Gibson ( American football player )
  • Tony Martin ( American football player )
  • Samari Rolle ( American football player )
  • Stephen Tulloch ( American football player )
  • Pat Thomas ( American football player )
  • David Little ( American football player )
  • Vernon Carey ( American football player )

For this reason, the mass transit systems in and around Miami are elevated or at-grade.

Guess This Famous Person

Guess This Famous Person

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_______ was born on Jan 11, 1982.

_______'s birthday is on Jan 11, 1982.

_______ weighs 72 kg.(158.73 lbs)

_______ is 1.65 meters tall.(5 feet 4 inches)

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