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Denise Sirois

Denise Sirois
Denise Sirois
Denise Sirois is a person living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
- Montreal, Quebec, Canada
- ART NEUF INCClick To Reveal
- (514) 523-3316Click To Reveal
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ART NEUF INC. According to our records, ART NEUF INC is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It specializes in Amusement And Recreation Services, Nec.Click To Reveal
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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
(514) 523-3316
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About Denise Sirois Company

About Denise Sirois Company
  1. Amusement And Recreation Services, Nec in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Name: Denise Sirois
Link: http://www.salespider.com/bp-105306654/denise-sirois
Location: Montreal,Quebec,Canada

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Montreal, Quebec Trivia

Montreal, Quebec Trivia

Montreal's geo-coordinates are 45.5° N, 73.5667° W.

Montreal was referred to as "Canada's Cultural Capital" by Monocle magazine.

The montreal carried 15.7 million passengers in 2007, making it the sixth busiest in North America following New York City, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Toronto.

The island of Montreal is a hub for the Quebec Autoroute system, and is served by Quebec Autoroutes A-10 (known as the Bonaventure Expressway on the island of Montreal), A-15 (aka the Decarie Expressway south of the A-40 and the Laurentian Autoroute to the north of it), A-13 (aka Chomedey Autoroute), A-20, A-25, A-40 (part of the Trans-Canada Highway system, and known as "The Metropolitan" or simply "The Met" in its elevated mid-town section), A-520, and A-720 (aka the Ville-Marie Autoroute).

The head of the city government in Montreal is the mayor, who is first among equals in the City Council.

Guess This Famous Person

Guess This Famous Person

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_______ is a citizen of Iran.

_______ (Persian: علی نصیریان ‎, born 4 February 1935) is an Iranian film and theater actor, respected for both character and leading roles.

_______'s birthday is on Feb 04, 1935.

_______ was born on Feb 04, 1935.

_______ lived in Tehran.

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