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Candle Company Offering Over 50 Fragrances Of Highly Scented Candles. View Candleberry

THE CANDLEBERRY CANDLE COMPANY in Frankfort is a company that specializes in Candle & Candle Supplies. Our records show it was established in Kentucky.

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120 CORPORATE DR Frankfort, Kentucky, United States, 40601
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  1. Candle & Candle Supplies in Frankfort, Kentucky, United States

Other Contacts for this business listing

Other Contacts for this business listing

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Located at: 120 CORPORATE DR , Frankfort, Kentucky, United States
Phone: 5022232799

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Want to Promote Your Business?

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Kathy McDonald
Discover The Possiblities Of Starting Your Own Gourmet Candle Business

Welcome to my personal rags to riches story: Married and have 3 wonderful sons. Two of our sons are grown and starting their own families and the youngest is in high school, then off to college. We both have always worked outside the home on regular jobs with modest income. Struggling like lots of families to raise their children and send each of them to college so that they would have a better chance at earning a lot more than us. It was never an easy shore to help pay for their college tuition and our sons worked their way through college to help pay for their education too. There is a 10 year gap between our middle son and our youngest, so we were in for a shock when we were told how much college tuition had increased. The average college now cost approximately $20,000 per year. Wow, how are we going to pay for this? Since our savings was no way enough to pay for college tuition at today's cost, let alone help pay for our retirement. This was a double whamy for us. This led me into a search for another way to make money. I have always been the person that would find a way to make that extra money we needed some how. Working that extra part time job, selling crafts, what ever it took to make the extra money we needed. I had heard of home based businesses and network marketing many times, so we decided to do our research and look at the different opportunities that were available with home based business. Things that I looked at was a product that we could be proud to promote, good compensation plan, what kind of support system, how long the company had been in business, success rate, Better Business Rating and how much financial investment would it take. It had to be something that we could do part time and would not interfere with our present jobs. While I was searching the Internet I came across an ad about having a home based candle business. I have always been a candle burner for many years. I love having our home smell great when we have visitors. I have probably burned most of the candles on the market today always searching for the perfect candle. This sounded like a good fit because it was something that I already had a passion for. I filled out the form and received extensive information about the company and the business. I also received a packet in the mail that had samples and even before I opened the package I could smell the wonderful fragrances. Wow, I could not put the small samples down they smelled so incredible. I think I fell in love with this business at first SNIFF! I placed an order online that evening for one of the jars. A week later I received my candle and was completely blown away with the awesome smell. One jar candle filled our home with the most wonderful aroma. The candle burned so clean and even that we could not believe what we were seeing. We burned that same candle for about 2 weeks everyday when we got home for about 2 hours each day and every time we lit the candle that same wonderful aroma would fill our home. I had to know more about this incredible company that produced such a wonderful product. I read everything that I received several times, asked tons of questions, and did my own research. Wow, this company had everything that I was looking for in a company. The investment was very low and there were no monthly quotas to make. How could we go wrong? The small investment for the Candle of the Month Program was only $40 and for that we receive over $60 worth of products. No contracts, no longer term commitments and no monthly quota to meet! Well, this was a NO BRAINER for me because I was spending around $100 a month buying candles at a shop in the mall and those candles did not even come close to comparing to this new candle. We joined up and our lives have been rapidly changing ever since. I have to say that this was the best investment we have ever made. We are truly enjoying being a part of this wonderful company and we have met so many really nice people from all over the United States and Canada. It has been a whirlwind of fun and enjoyment sharing our wonderful products with as many people as we can. We truly enjoying helping others to become business owners and see their dreams come true! There is no doubt that this small business will not only help us with paying for college tuition but help us to retire sooner than we expected!! Living on Vacation and Enjoying Life!!!!!

Frankfort, Kentucky Trivia

Frankfort, Kentucky Trivia

Population of Frankfort was 362.

Frankfort is located in Pepin County, Wisconsin, United States of America.

Frankfort is in the Central Time Zone.

Frankfort's official website is

Frankfort is about 80.29 square kilometers with a population of 362.

The Candleberry Candle Company
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