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Griffith Laboratories

Griffith Laboratories
1 Griffith Center
Alsip, Illinois 60803

(800) 346-9494

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About Griffith Laboratories

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Carroll Ladd Griffith (C. L.) Set The Stage For Griffith Laboratories In The Early 1900s, When He Acquired A Pharmaceutical Business From A Family Friend. Several Years Later, C. L. Griffith And His Father, Enoch Luther Griffith (E. L.), Redefined The Company To Focus On The Emerging Field Of Food Science. At First, Griffith Laboratories Confined Its Products To Bakeries And Meat Producers, Striving To Improve The Quality And Appeal Of American Dietary Staples By Enhancing Flavors, Decreasing Processing Time, Cutting Costs, And Searching For Efficient Alternatives To Current Modes Of Production. Throughout The Decades, Griffith Laboratories Has Kept Up With Leading Innovations In Food Science. The Company Expanded Outside The American Border In The 1920s, Founding A New Facility In Toronto, Canada. By The 1950s, The Company’s Operations Spread Across The United States And Into Mexico. Dean Griffith, The Son Of C. L. Griffith, Recognized The Global Marketplace For Griffith Laboratories’ Products. Under His Leadership, The Company Has Expanded Into More Than A Dozen Locations In Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South And Central America, And Asia.  In The 1990s, Griffith Laboratories Founded Its First Culinary Center. These Facilities, Which Now Exist Around The World, Allow Culinary Professionals To Work In Conjunction With Food Scientists. The Culinary Centers Mark The Natural Evolution Of Griffith Laboratories’ Continuing Mission To Provide Its Customers In The Food Service Industry With Product Innovations They Can Deliver To The End Consumer.  With Its Innovative Techniques And Understanding Of The Customers’ And The Industry's Needs, Griffith Laboratories Has Worked Diligently To Provide Superior And Up-to-date Products. Almost 100 Years After Its Inception, Griffith Laboratories Remain Dedicated To Producing The Best In Food Products, Technologies, And Processes.

Griffith Laboratories is a company categorized under Flavoring Extracts & Syrups, Nec.

1 Griffith Center Alsip, Illinois, United States, 60803
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  1. Flavoring Extracts & Syrups, Nec in Alsip, Illinois, United States
Griffith Laboratories, Griffithlaboratories.com/United_States/en-US

Direct Contact for this business listing

About Griffith Laboratories

Direct Contact for this business listing

About Griffith Laboratories

Q & A

What is the address and contact information of Griffith Laboratories?

Griffith Laboratories is located at 1 Griffith Center Alsip, Illinois, United States, 60803 and can be contacted by phone at (800) 346-9494 and website at http://www.griffithlaboratories.com/United_States/en-US.

Who is the owner of Griffith Laboratories?

The person who created the business is Griffith Laboratories.

What type of business is Griffith Laboratories?

Griffith Laboratories is a business categorized under Flavoring Extracts & Syrups, Nec.

Quick Company Summary

Name: Griffith Laboratories
Located at: 1 Griffith Center, Alsip, Illinois, United States
Phone: 1.800.346.9494

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