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Bella Homes

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About Bella Homes

Do You Know Anyone Upside Down On Their Mortgage?

You Can Recruit Sales Reps And Also Refer People About To Lose Their Home And Earn Substantial Fees Of 6k Each Average. There Are No Upfront Fees For These People And We Are Helping Them Stay In Their Homes. It Is A Unique Residential Buyback Program That Eliminates The Problem Of Being Underwater.  www.whybellahomes.com/msokol     This Is A One Of A Kind Program With A 90% Approval Ratio And Takes Two Weeks For Residential. One Out Of Five Americans Are Upside Down On Their Mortgage. The Upside Down Homeowner Stays In The Home And Pays A Reduced Rent Of 50% Of What They Were Paying With A 3 To 7 Year Lease And 60% Goes Towards Their Equity And They Can Buy Back The Home From The Company At 90% Of Value Guaranteed At 1% Above Prime And No Upfront Fees. We Are Partnered With Three Major Hedge Funds And Have Done Thousands Of Homes. Also No Property Taxes To Pay During Lease Period! It's A True Win/win Situation, So Watch The Home Page property Owner webinar First And Then The rep Opportunity webinar If You Want An Extra Income. The Middle Webinar Is The Attorney Explaining The Details On How They Do This.

    There Is No License Required And We Are In All States And You Can Start Immediately If You Want To Work. The $195. Fee Is Postponed With The 100% Direct Program. We Can Also Do Your Home With No Upfront Fees.

    No One Out There Has This Program, But Bella Homes. Did You Know That In Six States, Over 60% Of The Mortgages Are Upside Down? Our Mission Is To Save Pre-foreclosed Homes And Reduce Their Payments By 50% With A Smart Lease Buy- Back Plan. Could You Imagine Being Thrown Out Of Your Own Home? There Are Estimated To Be 17 Million Foreclosures In Next Four Years And Our Job To Let Them Stay In Their Own Homes With No Upfront Fees And Reduce Their Payment By 50% And 60% Of The Payment Will Go To Their Equity With A Buy Back From Us At 90% Of Market Value At The End Of The Lease At 1% Above Prime And Guaranteed Financing. This Is A Rewarding Job And Very Popular With People With No Other Options. Go Now To www.whybellahomes.com/msokol and Watch All webinars On The Home Page Before Calling Direct.

520-901-0057 - Thanks - Mark Sokol  



Bella Homes is a company categorized under Real Estate Foreclosures.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
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  1. Real Estate Foreclosures in Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Bella Homes, Whybellahomes.com/msokol

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Q & A

What is the address and contact information of Bella Homes?

Bella Homes is located at Phoenix, Arizona, United States and can be contacted by phone at (520) 901-0057 and website at http://www.whybellahomes.com/msokol.

Who is the owner of Bella Homes?

The person who created the business is Mark Sokol.

What type of business is Bella Homes?

Bella Homes is a business categorized under Real Estate Foreclosures.

Quick Company Summary

Name: Bella Homes
Located at: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Phone: 520-901-0057

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