767 7 RANG
Plessisville, Quebec G0S 1P0
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Metal Plesis Inc. Is A Manufacturer Of Hydraulic Graders, Snow Blades For Tractors And Trucks And 3 Point Hitch Rear Blades, Track System, Cereal Thresher, Incinerator For Animal Carcasses.
His Latest Innovation Is A Recent Model Of Hydraulic Grader (NI-2014)for Municipalities, Zec Or Clubs For Road Levelling, And That Can Be Pulled By Tractors Of Only 30HP Or By Pick-up Trucks. It Is Equipped With A New System That Also Lock In Place The Desired Levelling Even
When The Positioning Of The Blade Is Required.
Metal Plessis Inc. Has Also Developped A New And Innovative
Retractable Blade To Be Use With Bombardier Sidewalk Snow
Remover. It Reduces The Time Normally Required From The Operator
By Approximately 40 To 55%.
Take The Time To Visit Our Website. If You Need More Information
Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us. (CD And Literature Are Available Upon Request)

METAL PLESSIS INC. in Plessisville is a company that specializes in Industrial Supplies. Our records show it was established in Quebec.

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767 7 RANG Plessisville, Quebec, Canada, G0S 1P0
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  1. Industrial Supplies in Plessisville, Quebec, Canada
Hydraulic graders, 3 point hitch rear blade, snowp

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Other Contacts for this business listing

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Located at: 767 7 RANG, Plessisville, Quebec, Canada
Phone: 8193622221

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Plessisville, Quebec Trivia

Plessisville, Quebec Trivia

Population of Plessisville was 6,677.

Plessisville's geo-coordinates are 46.2167° N, 71.7833° W.

Plessisville is in the Eastern Time Zone.

Plessisville's official website is

Plessisville is located in L'Érable Regional County Municipality, Centre-du-Québec, Québec, Canada.

Metal Plessis Inc.
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