Arlington, Texas 76012
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ZOOM IN MARKET in Arlington is a company that specializes in Convenience Stores. Our records show it was established in Texas.

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1712 W SANFORD ST Arlington, Texas, United States, 76012
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  1. Convenience Stores in Arlington, Texas, United States

Other Contacts for this business listing

Other Contacts for this business listing

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Located at: 1712 W SANFORD ST , Arlington, Texas, United States
Phone: 8178600693

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Business Spotlight

David M Cook, Attorney At Law

  I am David M Cook, a Utah Bankruptcy Attorney with almost twenty years experience helping Utah families and individuals overcome their debt burdens through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I have helped families stop foreclosures, avoid repossessions, eliminate wage garnishment and end the stressful, near endless stream of creditor and collection agency calls. I put them on the path to restoring their credit and returning to a normal healthy life. I know what struggles can cause overwhelming debt - be it injury, illness, lay offs, divorce, death of a family member, predatory credit practices from spurious businesses, and more - and I have helps them to manage their debt with the thorough application of U.S. bankruptcy law.  

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Want to Promote Your Business?

Member Spotlight

Edward Henry

Author of the life-changing book: The Power of 24 Hours Founder: Sales Institute of Canada Born: February 17, 1972, in Sydney, Nova Scotia After many years spent developing a career in the sales and marketing field, Edward has used his experiences, observations, and keen sense of human nature to set the standard for sales training in Canada. He opened the doors of The Sales Institute of Canada – the very first fully accredited Canadian sales college. Edwards’ career spans a 17-year period during which he represented companies in the advertising, marketing, and retail industries. Prior to opening The Sales Institute of Canada, Edward served as Director of Operations, Sales & Marketing at Telecom and Teleplus Connect. His passion for professional sales education was the impetus behind the ultimate decision to resign that position and strike out on his own. In August of 2007, Edward completed yet another major accomplishment when he put pen to paper. He wrote The Power of 24 Hours Program to help others de-program the state of poverty, and achieve the reality of true personal wealth. Since then, Edward has demonstrated a unique and genuine approach to teaching those 5 steps, and so a Public Speaker was born! Audiences have found a refreshingly direct and non-judgmental man in Edward Henry. Now known as “The Big Closer,” he is insightful, disciplined, and passionate about good salesmanship. One of the greater motivational speakers out there today, Edward’s message is intelligent and responsible, based on solid training and humbling experiences. His life is the result of practicing what he preaches. The Power of 24 Hours Program is a short, powerful guide to simple techniques, and responsible actions. It tells the story of Edward Henry by Edward Henry. He grew up in a blue-collar family, and recognized that with focus and discipline, he could climb beyond those confines. Anyone who has the desire to change, and the willingness to practice the steps of The Power of 24 Hours, will come to understand that success and wealth are choices we must make. The Power of 24 Hours program offers the roadmap to the fortune that awaits.

Arlington, Texas Trivia

Arlington, Texas Trivia

There were about 2,554 foreclosures in Arlington in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Sample list of newspapers published in Arlington:

  • The Shorthorn

Sample list of famous people who were born in Arlington:

  • Polaris Banks ( Film Director, Actor, Film Editor and Film Producer )
  • Akasha Banks Villalobos ( Actor and Film Producer )
  • Hilarion Banks ( Film Director, Film Producer, Film Editor, Cinematographer, Screenwriter and Actor )
  • Melinda Renna ( Actor )
  • Chip Joslin ( Actor and Film Producer )
  • Jawal Nga ( Film Producer and Writer )
  • Scarlett McAlister ( Actor )
  • Mona Mahani ( Actor )
  • Cameron Ten Napel ( Actor )
  • Jordan Walker Ross ( Actor )
  • Chris Sheffield ( Actor )
  • Jason Reeves ( Musician, Songwriter and Singer )
  • Rebekah Kennedy ( Actor )
  • Lacey Mosley ( Singer, Songwriter, Bassist, Guitarist and Musician )
  • Mary Ann Springer ( Actor )
  • Randi Miller ( Politician )
  • Emily Warfield ( Actor )
  • Jennifer Stone ( Actor )
  • Todd Haberkorn ( Actor, Voice Actor, Film Producer, Screenwriter and Voice Director )
  • Dimebag Darrell ( Musician, Songwriter and Guitarist )
  • Taylor Cole ( Model and Actor )
  • Slade Pearce ( Actor )
  • Madison Pettis ( Actor, Voice Actor and Model )
  • Bobby Iwuchukwu ( American football player )
  • Scott Cross ( Coach and Basketball Coach )
  • Kenny Iwebema ( American football player )
  • The Angel of Death ( Wrestler )
  • Daniel McCormick
  • Scott McGarrahan
  • Reggie Harrell ( American football player )
  • Stephen Spruiell
  • Angela Maxwell
  • Scott Morris
  • David Williams
  • Ed Appleton ( Baseball player )
  • Ben Grieve ( Baseball player )
  • Mike McClendon ( Baseball player )
  • Reggie Barnes
  • Aaron Fairooz
  • Jon Rheault ( Ice hockey player )
  • Heather Ragsdale
  • Dane Saintus
  • Archie W. Straiton ( Engineer )
  • Brandon Moore ( Composer )
  • Stephanie Shannon
  • Chika Madu
  • Trey Haley ( Film Director, Film Producer and Film Editor )
  • Gary Westfall
  • Justin Rhodes ( Screenwriter, Film Editor and Film Director )
  • David Carpenter ( Baseball player )

The University of Texas at Arlington is the second largest institution of the University of Texas System.

There were 147,545 addresses in Arlington in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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