What is pebbled leather?



Lambskin leather handbags are created from a delicate, silky leather. They’re believed to be  very luxurious, but require more maintenance than the usual pebbled leather hand bag. That is only because lambskin leather, being thicker, has a tendency to clot. Normally scuffs are readily removed using a leather strand.


A Pebbled Leather hand bag is going to get a more demanding, stronger feel. Pebbled leather handbags are typically made from cow hide leather, that will be significantly older than lambskin leather. They take pebbled texture.



Which bag is ideal for you personally? You first have to determine how many times you may utilize the tote. If the tote will find a great deal of wear, as you may wish to pick a pebbled leather hand bag since it won't scuff up. If you're more worried about the luxury appearance, and would be happy to buff several scuffs, the lambskin leather tote will be the bag for you personally! 

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