How to buy a cheap watch?

The first rule to buying affordable watches is to not try and replicate expensive products. Among the largest mistakes men make is purchasing a wristwatch which only makes them look inexpensive

The next mistake men with costly tastes however low budgets make would be buying knock off. If you'd like to not be taken lightly, prevent the watches that are fraudulent as in the long run.


The very first step when purchasing a wrist watch in this cost range is always to comprehend it is good stay to the basic principles. Give attention to watches using cloth straps or metallic necklaces and proceed in hoping to get a quartz movement.


There are 3 areas you need to look to find an affordable watch.

Online is not risky when you are just trying to find a fundamental watch. By hunting eBay, Craigslist, Amazon and assorted discount websites, you're likely going to have the ability to obtain the watch you'd buy in the shop, however at a fraction of the purchase price. This really is a great resource for non budget watches. Look at thrift stores as many times, these are among the better places to try to find a excellent choice. You may generally find watches in those places to get a modest portion of the things they'd sell for new fresh at the shop and also in the vast majority of instances. Last resort, malls. If you never have a lot of time to invest and therefore are only desperate to receive yourself a wrist watch on your wrist, then the last recommendation is always to buy in a regional department store. This is where to find fashion watches and other watches which can be of top quality.

There are a couple things that you wish to keep an eye out for when purchasing a watch in this budget. The initial issue is ensuring it does not comprise any imitation or plated gold and silver. By emphasizing buying an "real" watch, you are going to wind up having the very best bang for the dollar. Consider searching for watches which can be constructed from a normal alloy, composite or plastic. After that you would like to check out the strap. Avoiding leather is typically a fantastic idea since cheap watches generally possess inexpensive leather or faux leather straps that can show wear very fast. Keep your attention to finding watches which contain fabric straps, metal straps or rubber straps. They'll last longer and maintain their own look, given of course that the alloy is not brushed or defectively made. The last thing that you wish to start looking for will be to make certain it works. Try to find watches exactly the very same because you would if you had an infinite budget. Just buy one which you love and the one which is suitable for the way you live.


In terms of brands to look out for, Timex has some of the best watches for everyday wear. It is really a fine looking, classic time piece that's very good dressed down however in addition with a suit. Casio is an incredibly safe brand in regards to athletic watches. If you are trying to find really a decent sports opinion for casual wear, then any Casio inside this budget range is really a good investment.

Seiko create a few watches that are exceptional and also a quick look on Amazon shows types of choices to between $50 and $100.


Nautica is just one of these prep-inspired brands which is worn by just about everybody. You'll find nothing too exemplary regarding the new, but it has developed a fantastic standing for each of its services and products from Poloshirts to watches. The most useful part is that you may readily locate any under $100 which can be fine but not brassy.

Akribos is just one of these brands such as Invicta, Fossil and Nixon that really caters to a younger audience. But unlike any above brands, Akribos does not make an effort to mimic the look of famous luxury watches, either put fake metals or stones in their time-pieces.


Citizen watches are also really quite fantastic for the purchase price. They're a really commendable watch and also something which is internationally popular across just about all demographics.



Buy everything you want, exactly what you could afford and what you may justify. For some folks, buying nice watches is equally crucial. For many others it is really a sportscar, and for many, it's feeding, home and spending some time with your family members.

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