How to wear a tunic?

Tunics are a common type of loose fitting tops that can be worn in a variety of occasions. There are things to look for in tunics for different body types. 


Pear shaped:

If you're pear shaped, then start looking to get tunics with side vents (to stop fabric from clinging to your body) then a small twist in the midsection and also a wide neck line to help extend your own shoulders. Since your heaviest area is beneath the midsection, be sure that that your tunic drops above or below this area. Think about pairing a tunic along with a chunky necklace to incorporate draw more attention to the top half in a way that is flattering.



Using the apple silhouette, stay away from clingy tops. We want most of the attention to be on the neckline and on your legs. Be certain that your tunic isn't too long with a V-neck line to help draw attention to your face.  Choosing the right colours can five the the illusion which you're smaller in in addition to bringing more attention to your top half. Try wearing a  short necklace or earrings instead of a chunky necklace that fits low.




An hour glass figure will be most flattered in a fitted tunic. The key for this type of figure it a proper fit, even if you want a loose tunic. Just be certain that it isn't overly large and fits nicely.




You do not want to be shapeless while wearing a tunic. It's all about finding the proper balance between a tunic that is too loose and too tight. Be certain that your collar bone and wrists are visible as this can be flattering on most women. If you want to cover your backside, try finding a long tunic that can cover your body.




Be conscious that tunics have become long so not each one will be flattering on a petite body. Try to find one that is not too “cute” but more sophisticated and shorter line. Avoid any empire waists or poufy sleeves which can make one look too young. Long tunics could look great as a dress paired with a belt.  




·       Pair a loose tunic with tight fitting bottoms: skinny or straight jeans, maybe straight.

·       You may have to wear shorts under your tunic. Try to make these shorts visible underneath the tunic.

·       Incorporating a belt with a tunic can look great, but avoid wearing both a belt and a necklace.

·       Billowy tunics might be kept in by way of a shrunken jean coat or a thick necklace, or buckle.

·       Should you set a lengthy tunic with bermuda shorts, then throw on a pair of wedges since you will have to visually add height to your leg, in addition to the length of the shorts, and most of that can be happening over the knee.


·       A lady can be a traditional style that's wearable for most women in a variety of occasions. 

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