How to Convert a Regular Bed to a Platform Bed?

Some beds are just too high for some people to get in and out of with ease. The majority of these beds use a box spring and a mattress. It is very easily done to convert a regular bed into a platform bed, to lower the bed, and have more comfort in your bedroom. There are many different methods that can be used when making this change to your bed. Depending on the size of the bed you want to convert there are different tips and tricks that will be useful to you, they will work especially well if the bed you are using already has metal side rails.

Twin Bed Conversion for Slats

Start by removing the mattress and box spring. Under, there will be about 4 or 5 slats which are used to support the box spring. You can either measure the distance between the rails to see what length you will need for you new slats or, if the slats already fit snug against the rails, you can use one of them as a cutting guide.  Next you will need to cut the 1x4s in relation to the slat length you are using. Most people only need about 21 or 22 of these to get the job done however, this all depends on your bed frame, adjust the numbers accordingly.

Now you need to lay down the new slats as closely as you can onto the side rails. After you finish you might end up with a gap that is less than the width of one slat, do not panic, this is normal and not an issue. After placing your mattress onto the slats, the weight of the mattress will hold all your slats in place and you will be finished converting your bed.

Twin Bed Conversion for Plywood

Before you can start the task at hand you must remove the mattress, slats and box spring. Next, you have to get an accurate measurement of the length and width of the area inside the rails. When that is done with, mark the measurements you got on the plywood sheet.

Be absolutely certain that these measurements are right, and then begin using a saw to cut out the panel.  Next, as you would place the slats, place the panel on the side rails, the platform laid out should feel extreamly solid. The last step is to lay down your mattress and then you have completed your task and are able to use your new bed.

Other Size Conversions for Slats

To begin you have to remove the box spring and mattress from the bed. Note that larger beds will most likely use approximately four or five slats to support the box springs. For twin beds you will need to measure the distance between the rails to have an idea of the proper length for each new slat or, if the slats already fit tightly against the rails you can use one as a guide for your measurements.

Next you will need to cut the 2x4s to the length that you measured of the slats. You may end up needing 22 or even 23 of these however, the amount you will need exactly depends on the size of your bed frame so be prepared to adjust accordingly.  You will then put the slats as close as you can beside each other. Because each bed frame is different, you may end up with a gap that your slat does not fit, that is okay and the mattress will hold all the slats in place. Once you have out down your mattress it will be ready to be used. 

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