What to wear under board shorts?


Board shorts are a common type of swimwear worn for boarding sports. These are commonly worn for sports like surfing. Although they are worn by men, some women do wear these for the sports. Even if you are not participating in any water sports, you might choose to wear these for comfort. They come in a variety of colours, patterns and you can find them at just about any store. They are longer than most swim shorts as they fall around knee length. The appeal to these types of shorts is the fabric. Nylon or polyester weave, two common materials, are lighter that most fabrics and dry quicker. They are resistant against the basic wear and tear or swim shorts. These shorts also have a stiff waistband fastened in by velcro. Most board shorts do not have any mesh linings like basic swim shorts. There are some options to what you can wear under them so you can feel comfortable.


It might not be ideal to most people, but some choose to wear nothing under board shorts. There are low risks of flashing as the legs are usually long. However, it is possible to experience some irritation or chafing. If you do plan on going commando, try to choose a style that does not have velcro at the waistband. If you plan on being on land for most of your time, this might not be the best option for you.


A pair of underwear briefs are another choice to wear under board shorts. However, with the added weight from water, it can cause the cotton to sag. They will not dry very quickly and can be uncomfortable when wet. If you enjoy the fit of the briefs but do not want to feel the wetness, consider buying a pair of swim briefs.


Boxers are a another choice for those that do not like the feel of briefs. Boxers can bunch up if wet. However, you can find some quick-drying boxers from brands like Underarmour. Breathable fabrics will help the drying process speed up and help skin breathe.


Biker-style Lycra shorts will not chafe as much and they will dry quickly. They move with your body well as they are designed for athlete’s motion. They will not bunch up as much as regular cotton when wet.


For females, try wearing a pair of bikini bottoms under your board shorts for some coverage.



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