Is a smart watch worth it?

For some techies out there, the smart watch is a necessary purchase to be up to date with the latest technology. For others, it is a decision that should be made. Smart watches are advertised by companies like Google and Samsung like the next big thing. However, for many people, these devices can be pricey and not worth it. 

Most of these smartwatches need to be paired with a phone or tablet to do anything besides the time. They revolve heavily around Bluetooth gadgets from your phone or tablet. The Android Wear software has features like voice command that connects to your phone, checking mail messages on your watch and they can even store things like a boarding pass for a flight. Although these do sound like a cool feature, there are other gadgets that can perform these tasks and are way below that price. The LG G Watch of Samsung Gear Live are around 200$, except a smartphone with a two-year contract could cost that same amount. 

Many consumers are intrigued by the fitness aspect of these watches. They look for features that can track steps, map bike rides and monitor your heart rate. You can find apps that perform these tasks on your phone if you are making fitness your number one priority. However, there are more sensors on a wristband and watch that can monitor data about your health. This is a major pro for smartwatches compared to your normal phone. It's a good idea to ask yourself if you will truly use this data. It could be collected and then never looked at. 


There are features on the smartwatch that make it appealing to consumers. People love how easy it is to receive reminders and notifications. It can help keep you organized if you are one to leave your phone in your bag or desk. It can limit the amount of time you spend on your phone yet still keep you organized. 



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