How to buy bridesmaid\'s dresses?

If you are a bride who has chosen their dress, you're probably feeling a little less stressed than before. Now it's time to find the dresses your bridesmaids will be wearing. Although most brides want to choose dresses their bridesmaids can wear again, most maids do not. It should not be your focus when choosing dresses. Here are the five things to keep in mind when choosing a dress for your special ladies.


  • Think about your own dress and the style of the wedding. Are you going for a classic look, maybe vintage or modern? Your bridesmaids' dresses should match with this style. If your dress is bohemian and loose, your bridesmaids could look awkward in a formal gown that does not fit the mood.
  • Choose your colours wisely. Although colours like blush and taupe are popular bridesmaids colours, they are not appealing on each skin tone and can wash some tones out. If your bridesmaids come from all range of skin tones, try to choose one that will suit all. Keep your eyes out for hair colours in case you choose a dress that could clash with a hair tone.
  • The season and time of the will impact your decoration as well as your dress choice. Fall colours come with beautiful rich tones but spring colours come with lighter pastels. A black dress could be beautiful for an indoor wedding in November but look out of place at an outdoor ceremony in Spring.
  • Remember that your bridesmaids will want to have some say in what they're wearing. Don't let all the opinions overpower your own. Try to look for brands that have dresses with similar details but some difference. If you choose the colour palette, your bridesmaids could choose the style for their body.
  • It's your big day so avoid falling under the pressure from everyone's opinions. You should have an open mind but remember that your bridesmaids are your support system. They should work with your ideas and style. 


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