What are the best health books to read?



Health books can be boring to read. However, there are some books dedicated to helping you to improve your health, build muscle, lose fat and inform you on lifestyle changes that could benefit you. Here are the top must read books that will offer you insight to living a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Sugar Nation

This author explains his diagnosis of diabetes and explores what can happen under the basic American diet. He dives into the connection between heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and other illnesses that can be connected to the food industry. This book comes back with studies and research that will keep you engaged throughout the story. It is a must read for anyone wanting to learn more about diets and diseases.


Good Calories, Bad Calories

This science writer Gary Taubes explains the benefits of eating fats. Science did show the benefits of eating fats before this book was published. However, Taubes proves that a diet filled with types of refined carbs is the root of most health issues. Fat is a necessary part of your diet. Although it is a controversial read, this eye-opener is great for anyone who is concerned about their own food intake.



This book is more interesting than anything else. Author Tim Ferriss attempts to learn ways to hack the human body like sleeping less, eating unhealthily without gaining a pound, losing weight and more. It is entertaining and an enjoyable read if you are interested in reading more about the human body and its mysteries.


Maximum Strength

Eric Cressey, the owner of one of the most successful gyms across the US and trainer for elite athletes, shows you how to stop wasting your time at the gym without achieving your desired results. He lays out a great program that can help you become stronger and bigger while spending less time cooped up in a gym.


Starting Strength

Most people who go to the gym can try to follow workouts that are not designed for their own body type. This can result in performing the actions incorrectly. This book will guide you how to train with barbells and include easy to follow instructions. You will learn the fundamentals of strength training like squats, deadlifts, bench presses and more. No matter your gender or level, this book is a great resource to have in your shelf.


Science and the practice of weight training

Are you someone who has wanted to learn how to design your own training program? This book is based off data from over thousands of athletes. The authors guide you through an approach that can help improve your performance and build strength. It is more conceptual and educational than other exercise programs.


The New Encyclopedia For Modern Weight Training

Some claim this book to be the best for weight training. Written by an author has been known to have expanded the fitness movement across the '80s and '90s, this book explores the best diet advice for losing fat and building muscle. There are tips for sport psychology and motivational techniques to help your mental state throughout bodybuilding.



A guide to flexible dieting

Most of us are not a fan of dieting as these diets can be too intense. This book explores the mistakes of dieting and shows you how to take a more realistic approach to learning how to eat better for your body. It can help you reduce your stress and also build a sustainable diet plan.



Which comes first: cardio or weights?

Alex Hutchinson, a physicist and journalist, will help prove or disprove commonly known fitness beliefs. He explores the questions that most of us have asked around the fitness industry and puts the rest our concerns and doubts. If you are serious about fitness and training, this book is a great choice for you.


Ignite The Fire

If you are a trainer looking for inspiration, grab this book off the shelf. Jon Goodman a trainer and head coach at the Personal Trainer Development Center, helps to teach you how to build your career in this fitness industry. He uses his experience and lessons to teach the aspiring trainer how to thrive.



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