What is a promise ring?

It can be confusing for couples to know the difference between all the rings they have to purchase. From commitment rings to promise rings to engagement rings, it can feel overwhelming. Promise rings are a common purchase for couples, but many are confused on their purpose. What are they for and where do they go? Do both partners wear one? Here is your ultimate guide to these pieces of jewelry. 


There are different symbols represented from the promise ring. It generally signifies a commitment. For some couples, it reflects devotion for each other and to others it symbolizes an approaching engagement. It represents a promise that is made between a couple, and many consider this a promise of joining together. There is a growing trend for couples that live happily together and also are considering marriage. It shows how this commitment extends beyond a normal relationship. 

Promise rings go back several hundred years. In Georgian and Victorian eras, posy rings (rings engraved with poems) were popularly worn. In the past decade, promise rings have grown in popularity especially due to celebrities. Joe Jonas has expressed how his rings made a promise and how he will "stay pure till marriage". Therefore, these rings can carry over into purity rings as people devote themselves to God. In the Ancient times, wearing a ring still symbolized a loyalty to a partner. 


A promise ring might not carry the same meaning as an engagement ring, but it still shows strong commitment. It should only be worn after a couple has been together for a significant amount of time, at least a year. However, there is no specific style for these types of rings. Most themes are symbolic of the relationship, for example intertwined designs to show the couple's unity. There is also no specific guideline for prices for these rings. They tend to be less than engagement rings around 500 to 2000 dollars. There is also no traditional way to present a promise ring, so don't worry about getting on one knee before your proposal. It can be given over a romantic dinner or a meaningful moment shared between a couple. Lastly, there is no finger that the ring has to be worn on. It can be worn as a necklace but most promise rings are worn on the left hand. 

Promise rings do generally go before an engagement. So if you are ready to get on one knee officially in the near future, these are a great way to get a heads start. 




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