Is it safe to buy a diamond ring online?

For some couples, buying an engagement store is too pricey and not a realistic option. However, it can be nerve racking to trust an online jewelry purchase. You can find yourself saving almost 50 percent of what you would be paying. People assume that buying engagement rings online means that they will be automatically scammed or it could be stolen before it arrives or it could just not look as good as expected. Although these are reasonable concerns, there are reasons to trust online jewellery markets as long as they are reputable sources. 

Always take your diamond to an unaffiliated jeweler for an assessment. This should be done whether you buy the diamond in store or online. 


There are facts from reputable jewellers that you should trust when ordering from one. They will ensure that your shipment arrives by tracking them through FedEx or UPS and using insurance and a required signature. If your shipment does get stolen, you will not lose any of your money. Blue Nile, a trusted site, states they have never lost a diamond through any shipment. As well, these jewelers should have valid return policies. There should be a no questions asked idea behind their returns. 

Do your research and find a source you trust, for example James Allen. This online jeweler specializes in diamonds and it provides engagement rings of high quality. Similarly, Blue Nile is a great choice for an online retailer. These two sites have customer service, warranty, free shipping, 100 percent refunds and other features that make them a great option. 


If you do find yourself browsing eBay for jewelry, remember that you can get good deals or unfortunately, ripped off. Make sure you know about your diamonds before you order so you understand online auctions, escrow payments and what your options are in case the scenario does not work out well. 



It can be difficult for couples to know how much to spend on an engagement rings. There are some rules to follow, but do not over complicate it. Choose a ring that your fiancé will love, for its symbols and meaning, but do not spend out of your budget. If you a struggling with debt or other financial problems, be realistic with your purchase. You can find engagement rings that are not diamond that will still hold a meaning. Remember to find your future wife's taste and style. Look for shapes, how many stores, emerald diamonds? What colour band? 

Although size does matter with diamonds, it is possible for smaller diamonds to be cut to be more brilliant than larger ones. Try to find a small one that is higher in quality rather than a large one that is dull. There are easy search engines on the James Allen website that you can use to narrow down your search.


There are online options where you can buy an engagement ring with confidence. Try to stay away from sites like eBay or other sites with second-hand vendors.



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