How to sell your diamond ring?

Whether you are newly divorced or have some extra diamonds lying around, now is a good time to sell your precious jewels. There's an rapidly increasing taste for diamonds in China and India and since 2011, diamond prices have rose. There is an increased number of jewelers restocking their diamonds from the public instead of buying from wholesalers. You can find some jewelers who only purchase diamonds off the street. Selling your diamond can seem like an unneeded stress as there are no objective measures for resale prices for diamonds. Inexperienced sellers can feel quickly overwhelmed by the questions and options they have. Here are 4 tips to think about if you are considering selling your diamonds.


  • Make sure you know your diamond before you go out to the market place to sell. Try to learn about its quality and authenticity using a qualified appraiser. Ideally, they shouldn't buy or sell diamonds so they can give you an unbiased view on your diamond's characteristics and conditions. Spending money for these assessments is not always necessary.  You can have the stone checked for free by professional diamond buyers or pawnbrokers. Try to find a few shops to get some different opinions so that in the end, you have a pretty solid idea on your stone.
  • It is easy to set an unrealistic price for your diamond. Discuss pricing strategies with your appraiser using market trends and other circumstances. This will help you learn about your resale values for your diamond. You can also do the research yourself by looking at eBay sales for diamond jewelry with characteristics and conditions similar to yours. Consumers are buying your diamond to either make profit or because it is a good deal.
  • You typically have two options when you are selling a diamond. You can sell it to the jeweler industry or to the public. It is not always about which option can give you the highest price. Other factors like how quickly the deal can be settled, how reliable the buyer is and more can impact your decision. If you want to get the diamond off your chest as quickly as possible, try looking for a jeweler, diamond dealer or pawnbroker. You are less likely to get the highest price when you sell to an industry jewellery because they plan on making profit from your diamond. The public will normally pay more for diamonds. It can be difficult to find reliable buyers from the public. eBay is a good option if you have experience selling on its market. Consider giving your diamond to a dealer or consignment shop to sell for you. You can find a better price than an industry jeweler.
  • Diamonds are symbols or passion, love and unity. You can to remove your own emotions from selling your jewelry because if you let your sentimental values affect the price, you might find less buyers. It can be a painful topic to sell something which carries so much meaning. Remember that diamonds ate materialistic pieces but your memories are more valuable than jewelry.


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