Where to buy earrings for sensitive ears?

Metal allergies are common and fairly permanent. This means that even if you have worn earrings all your life but have developed a condition recently, you have to take action on the earrings you choose to wear. It's important to learn exactly why certain metals can cause an allergy. There are ways to transform earrings into hypoallergenic metal, so don't worry about throwing away all your older jewellery. Next time you shop, you look for earrings for sensitive ears at any fashion store, department store, or online retailer. 


The most common type of metal allergy is the nickel allergy, according to WebMD. Nickel is used in cell phones, eyeglasses, zippers and a variety of other products. Beware of symptoms such as redness, rashes, patches, blisters and other swelling. Your skin can be affected these patches causing it to change colour and feel. Speak to your doctor if your skin is becoming infected after an allergy.


Most inexpensive and costume jewelry could cause an allergy. These tend to contain large amount of nickel. White gold, nickel allow and yellow gold can all cause similar allergy symptoms. Most metals that are used in making earrings are allows, there are small amount of nickel mixed in. This is why silver or gold could cause an allergic reaction in certain cases. 


To verify your allergy, you may be required to take an allergy test through your doctor. If you do not have a severe allergy and are not suffering with severe symptoms, it is ideal to find which metal works the best with you. 



If you are the owner of various pairs of earrings you don't want to get rid of, don't panic! There are ways to modify your earrings to make them hypoallergenic. There are plastic earring covers which are plastic pieces that move along the earring post to prevent it from touching your skin. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent allergic reactions. This might make the post thicker if you have a small earlobe. Additionally, you can try to replace the wire hook. Although this might not be possible with studs, it does work with teardrop or dangle earrings. Try buying sterling silver, titanium or gold-plated hooks and remove the earrings' hooks. Reattach these hypoallergenic ones by prying the hold hook and pinching the new one closed. Try using needle-nose pliers if you are having a difficult time. 



To care for sensitive ears, make sure you remove any earrings as soon as you start feeling a reaction. Clean the piercing regularly so prevent developing infections. You can wash using warm water and soap or alcohol solutions. Give your ears time to heal if they are irritated by a piercing. 


There are sections on online websites such as eBay where you can enter in searches for earrings for sensitive ears. There are sellers who specialize in this type of jewelry, so you still have tons of options!



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