What is Thunderbolt?

Intel launched the Thunderbolt in 2011 once the USB 3.0 was growing in popularity and could move information at rates up to 5Gbps. Thunderbolt manages to do double this, also it can transfer a number of kinds of information.  It can, for example, pipe online video data for screens. It might also daisy chain devices, for example joining your hard drive to your computer or display to your hard drive.

Thunderbolt 3 is still the newest edition of Thunderbolt, also it employs the exact same design as the recognizable USB Type-C connector. Intel utilizes the new connector for various reasons.  The earliest models of the Thunderbolt depended upon Mini DisplayPort style connector, also Apple has been the only real key maker to adopt Thunderbolt. However, given this Thunderbolt utilizes a USB TypeC connector, it's beginning to appear not only in the newest MacBook Pros but in addition new ultrabooks.

Apple is staying using Thunderbolt 3 since it may perform various tasks with one cable. It supports the DisplayPort protocol, which means it's possible to utilize 1 cable to daisy-chain and induce numerous 4K screens at 60Hz.

Thunderbolt 3 permits connection rates up to 40Gbps, double the rate of their preceding creation, USB 3.1 10Gbps, along with DisplayPort 1.2. Additionally, it provides USB rates of around 10Gbps, also it can join up to two 4K screens, outputting online video along with sound at the same instant. As well as, Thunderbolt 3 is backward compatible with Thunderbolt 2.

Thunderbolt 3 includes a USB Type-C connector. This is the newest type of connector that is replaying the Micro-USB connector often used in Android phones and the basic USB connector that more people know when they imagine “USB”. The newest MacBook by Apple uses only a single USB Type-C port.

USB Type C is often used due to the rapid speed which it transfers data. You could use a single cable with a USB Type-C connector to transfer data as you charge your device.  It is also a reversible plug, meaning there is no “right way up”.

Apple is adapting to this device due to the versatility of it. A single port can connect you to all the Thunderbolt devices, displays and more. You can connect your device to displays, transfer data between computers and other drives and charge simultaneously.


The Thunderbolt 3 is not the same as the USB Type-C. It comes with a larger range of standards like HDMI, USB, DisplayPort and it works at a faster speed. Not every USB Type-C port will support the Thunderbolt 3. The Thunderbolt platform can only work with devices with Intel processors.  

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