Top 5 Places to Find Cheap Text Books for Students 2017

If you are returning to your school in the fall, you might be panicking over the high prices of textbooks you need to purchase. If you are looking for the best sites to help you get your cheapest textbooks, here are the top picks. 


1.  Amazon will generally have the biggest selection over other websites because of the size of its company. You can almost find any text book here, except some that your class might insist you must purchase from your bookstore on campus. Although some of the prices can be high, they have the New and Used section where you can find used ones with great discounts. Keep in mind that after your term, you could always sell the textbook on Amazon. Because it's so easy to sell things on Amazon, you'll find tons of students selling their textbooks here. Amazon also does make textbooks available on Kindle.


2.  Chegg is one of the most popular choices for students. It has made a name for itself through its incredible discounts (up to 90% off) and wide array of textbooks. You can definitely see the difference in price between it and your overpriced campus book store. The site uses a search engine to help you find your books and it will help compare the different prices of the versions (renting, ebook,etc). You might even save more money renting the book. You will get online versions of your book during the time the physical copy is being shipped! Another pro for this site is that you will get some money back when you return to sell your books again. 


3.  BIGWORDS does not sell textbooks on its own but it does help you compare prices so you find the best deal. You can buy books through various retailers. The site helps you find the best prices for renting and buying books. In addition, they will help you sell these books backs to the highest bidder at the end of your term. It is a great choice if you are confused by the textbook- buying process and need it to be simplified.  The site does offer options to help adjust shipping costs, rental prices and memberships so you can buy books at cheapest options and rent certain others.


4. AbeBooks has been around for a long time. This site offers discounts on textbooks from different retailers and they are also in the marketplace themselves. This means you can buy the textbook directly from their site and sell it back to them. You can find discounts on this website up to 75% off compared to your local campus book store. The shipping is incredibly fast and they'll offer a money-back guarantee on the books.


5.  DealOz searches sites to find the best discounts. It makes it simple to compare various prices throughout different retailers and it will show you different prices for renting or buying. On this site, you can search through new and used, editions and make comparisons before choosing the one for you. It does offer great discounts on its books compared to the retail in store. You can save over a thousand dollars through these comparisons. Not to mention that it's easy to sell the books back through the site. They offer easy customer service and live chats for any questions. 

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