How to Untangle Necklaces?

5 Ways to Untangle Necklaces

Necklaces are very difficult to untangle, especially when they are long and thin. Being too rough or forceful with the chains can create more knots, or break the necklace all together. However, using lubricant, small picking tools and finding some patience, you can untangle your necklaces in minutes.

Method #1- Untangling Using Lubricating Oil

First, undo the clasps of each necklace that is tangled, as this separation will allow the ends of the chains to slide more easily through the knotted areas. Then, add a few drops of baby oil or olive oil to the knotted parts of the necklace(s) so that the strands can slide past one another more smoothly. Lubricating oils like baby oil or olive oil are perfectly safe to put on necklaces, and can be easily washed off. Poke the sharp tips of two needles into the center of the knot. While in the middle of the knot, gently pull the needles away from each other to open and loosen the knot. Once you get an opening in the knot, use the needles to pull apart each strand of the necklace within the knot.  Be very patient during this untangling step because it can be very easy to get frustrated. Any fine needle such as a sewing needle, safety pin, or thumb tack will work for this untangling process. Once the necklace has been untangled, you can remove the oil or baby powder you previously added by dunking the soiled portion of the necklace into a mixture of mild detergent and water. Rinse off the necklace with clean water, and gently dry the necklace with a paper towel or a soft cloth. You can also use store bought jewelry cleaner to remove the oil on the necklace, just be sure to rinse the necklace with clean water, and gently dry it.

Method #2- Untangling Using Baby Powder

Firstly, lessen friction between the knotted necklace links by sprinkling a bit of baby powder onto the knotted areas of the necklace. Baby powder is safe to add to necklaces and can easily be washed off. Once the baby powder is sprinkled on the knot, consider gently rubbing the knot in between your fingers to allow the powder to fall inside of and loosen the knot. Secondly, insert the tips of your two needles into the middle of the knotted area. While in the knot, pick and pull the needles away from each other to try and open up the knot. When you begin to expand the space between the knotted areas, you can start to separate individual necklace strands. After everything is untangled, clean the necklace by dipping it in a cleaning solution of mild detergent and water. Rinse the necklace off with clean water and use a paper towel to gently dry the necklace.

Method #3- Untangling Using a Screwdriver

This method may involve the surface that you are using getting scratched, so be mindful of this when choosing where this is done. First, insert the sharp point of the screwdriver through the middle portion of the knot. Press the screwdriver onto your work surface so that it is completely touching it. Wiggle the screwdriver back and forth until the necklace begins to loosen around the knot. This same method can be used with practically any small and thin object (pin, needle, tack, etc.). Once the knot has loosened, you can use the screwdriver and your fingers to begin pulling apart and separating the individual sections of the knot.

Method #4- Untangling Using Windex

The first thing to do is put some drops of Windex on the knotted parts of the necklace. The Windex is to act as a lubricant, which will help the knotted necklace strands slide past one another. Then, place your necklace in a container on a vibrating object, like a washing machine, for a few minutes so that the knots can shake loose. After a few minutes, take the necklace out of the small container and rub the knots between your fingers. The necklace should be loose enough to pick apart with your fingers. To remove the Windex residue, dip and rub the necklace in a cleaning solution consisting of a small amount of mild detergent and water. Rinse the necklace with clean water and gently dry it with a paper towel.

Method #5- Preventing Necklaces from Tangling

Unclasp the two ends of your necklace. Hold a drinking straw vertically, and drop the smaller end of your necklace clasp down through the straw. When the necklace comes out through the bottom of the straw, reconnect the two ends of your necklace. This method may work best with thinner necklaces, and necklaces that don’t have an attached and immovable pendant in the center of the chain. The pendant will not be able to fit through the straw. If your necklace has an immovable pendant, consider cutting the straw in half, threading one chain on the side of the pendant through the straw. Another preventative method could be to keep necklaces on a necklace tree (the branches allow necklaces to hang) or make your own necklace hanger.

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