How to Fix a Cracked Shower Pan?

If you have a cracked shower base you will not always need to get an entirely new base. You can use repair kits to fill the cracks, there are even different colours available such as the standard white and almond. By following the steps provided for you, you should not have much difficulty fixing it on your own. The most durable and also an easy to fix material is fibreglass.

Step 1 – Prep

Make sure to properly clean the shower base. This can be done with a shower cleaner and leave it to soak up for a few minutes. This step is used to get rid of dirt and scum left at the base. You should use a scrubbing brush and hot water to clean it off then allow the shower to completely dry.

Step 2 – Investigate the Area

Now that your shower is completely clean you can see the full extent to the cracks. At this stage you should figure out which crack you want to repair from the back to lessen the amount of noticeable repairs. Sandpaper can be used to roughen the cracked base and to make sure that the epoxy will not have any issues sticking. After using the sandpaper, clean all the dust up then, rinse the shower and allow it to dry again.  

Step 3 – Cover Up

For this step you will need to use a utility knife to cut the fibreglass patching material. Make sure to leave no more than 2-inches in length and width bigger than the crack. You are then using the utility knife to stir the epoxy and after, fill any crack and holes at the shower base. Next gather the patching material and put it all over the epoxy. Now, cover the material with more epoxy until it is completely covered this is to be done using a putty knife. Smooth it out and level it up with the fibreglass already there. Only after the epoxy has hardened can you sand it and then, remove the dust.

Step 4 – Large Cracks

Plywood can be used to seal bigger cracks. Simply use the epoxy to attach the plywood into the cracked space and apply pressure until the epoxy is dry.

Step 5 – All done

Using a roller, apply the fibreglass gel coat that you will match with the rest of the shower base. After picking up the cellophane tape, cover the cracks to make them harden. You can leave the tape on for a few days however, the shower will be ready for use in 24 hours.

Step 6 – Maintenance

Although you will be finished repairing the shower base, the repaired cracks will still be slightly visible, not to worry because your shower will still be in perfect condition. By taking care of you drain system and appropriately cleaning your shower base you will ensure that the base will last a long time. 

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